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3 min readOct 17, 2022


EYEQ DAO today focuses on developing tomorrow’s decentralized, service-based economy. Web 3.0 markets are evolving on the blockchain at an astonishing rate, with adoption growing steadily due to the attractive autonomous future of decentralized economies free of unitary monetary authorities.

A good example of Web 3.0 technologies helping to create new markets and value chains for digital content is non-fungible tokens. NFTs have literally unlimited applications and can be highly effective tools for storing value, adding value, and distributing content in industries such as gaming, e-commerce, sports, entertainment, advertising, real estate, and many others. Web 3.0 technologies are paving the way to more efficient markets, lower user acquisition costs, new experiences, and better content monetization for individuals, creators, and businesses alike.

EYEQ DAO is committed to focusing on the development and adoption of sustainable decentralized economies in the Web 3.0 multiverse. It offers unique decentralized universal parameters, more specifically: revenue streams from multiple markets, a multi-token economy, community-driven effective creation of Web 3.0 assets — monetization and distribution, investor services, and unique strategies to incentivize participation at multiple levels.

EYEQ DAO Values and Goals

Transparency is paramount to maintaining a healthy and thriving ecosystem supported by a strong community. Here, processes and decisions are openly shared with the community.

Decentralized, autonomous organizations drive innovation thanks to the continuous interaction of technology experts, entrepreneurs, companies, communities, creatives, influencers, and KOLs.

Acceleration — the ecosystem thrives through the growth and support of partner projects and collaborations

Adoption through education — education is an area of great interest in incorporating new Web 3.0 technologies, so technology acceptance and adoption are key to the success of the new decentralized multiverse ecosystems and a new era of decentralized economies that contribute to development.

Collective responsibility is rewarded in DAO-driven ecosystems, which in turn enables a sustainable future for the many instead of just a few.

Contribution and charity — are the altruistic cornerstones of decentralized ecosystems that are able to provide a transparent and verifiable flow of capital directly to those who need it most.

EYEQ DAO is a diverse, distributed, and autonomous Web 3.0 ecosystem that provides direct participation through community, governance, investment, and collaboration. There is a wide range of ways to contribute to the multiverse while enjoying unique services, benefits, experiences, and rewards.

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